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Copperhead Seasonal Blend


Mixed origins
(Average of two coffees) $3.67/lb
Mixed varieties
Summer-Fall 2020

The latest composition of Copperhead is vibrant, juicy, and focused on round sweetness. A high-quality washed coffee from Burundi pairs with fresh crop Colombia, providing a round cup redolent of fruit juice and brown sugar. Great as a longer, specialty style espresso, complex drip coffee, or a fruit-forward iced coffee.

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“This coffee is always complex and floral. It tastes great in every kind of brewer I’ve tried.”



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Origin: Burundi / Colombia

Our lightest-blend, roasted to highlight the juicy, fruity nuances of its more acidic components as an espresso or filter coffee, while maintaining a flavorful balanced presence in milk.

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1 review for Copperhead Seasonal Blend

  1. Brian Justus

    Very little acidity with enough of a fruit and citrus flavor to balance out what little acidity there is. I’m no coffee connoisseur or anything, but this blend is by far my most favorite blend of coffee (and I’ve tried a lot). I would recommend to anyone looking for an easy cuppa to drink.

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