Decaf Colombia Palestina



Traceable to Assorted small villages
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Varieties Caturra, Tabi, Colombia, Castillo
Harvested Mar. – May. 2021


Dried cherry, fig, and big sweetness in a naturally decaffeinated coffee using sugar cane extract at origin. We love the depth of flavor in this coffee, and it makes for a great espresso shot by itself or with milk.

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“This is really the best decaf. The berry flavor comes through strong, it tastes exactly like a chocolate truffle with strawberry jam in the middle.”



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Origin: 9 small villages among Pitalito, Acevedo, Palestina towns, Huila, Colombia

We love this coffee – vibrant, flavorful, bodied, and crisply sweet. Even better, it’s decaf, so there’s no need to stop drinking. State of the art processing using natural sugar cane extract at origin means this coffee is gently decaffeinated soon after harvest and retains almost all of its natural flavor and complexity.

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