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East Timor Letefoho


Coffees from East Timor are some of our favorites in the world. While Indonesian coffees have traditionally been processed using the rustic wet-hulling technique, newer specialty estates are increasingly turning to modern techniques to produce clean, vibrant lots reflective of the terroir. We usually select cleanly wet-processed coffees from East Timor, but this dried in cherry selection was so vibrant, sweet, and syrupy that we had to make an exception. Expect flavors of raspberry jam, chocolate syrup, and a finish like honeydew melon. This coffee is delicious as an immersion brew, batch brew, or single origin espresso with or without milk.

Origin: Small farmers local to Letefoho administrative post, Ermera district, East Timor, Indonesia

Traceable to Villages
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Varieties Bourbon, Typica, Hybrido Timor 
Harvested Oct. '21- Feb. '22

Order by this Sunday or Wednesday midnight (PST), coffee roasted and shipped within 48 hours after.

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1 review for East Timor Letefoho

  1. Ddavidsson

    Due to being an Indonesian coffee I was expecting it to be a little more funky and herbal, but it was surprisingly clean and fruit-forward. This makes a great espresso roast, with the candied nut flavor very apparent in a macchiato through my Gaggia espresso machine at home.

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