Ecuador Renzo Puertas



Single farmer
Catuai, Caturra, and Pacas
Mar. – Jul. ’19


Exceptional sweetness in an all-day drinking cup. Expect a balanced acidity like black cherries over a foundation of honey and simple syrup in a creamy body. We like this coffee brewed any way really, but think it’ll especially shine for home baristas as an immersion or filter cone brew, and our wholesale partners as batch brew.

Size 12oz 5lb bag
Coffee Grind
Whole Bean Whole Bean Percolator / Cold Brew French Press Kalita V60 Espresso
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Origin: Renzo Paladinas Puertas’ farm Finca Uchima, San Pedro de Vilcabamba, Loja, Ecuador

We rarely buy coffees from Ecuador – not for lack of quality, which is there in spades, but generally the price of production doesn’t make a great value proposition when considering the kind of complexity you can get from Peruvian or Colombian coffees, which can cost half as much. This lot from Renzo Puertas however was one we couldn’t pass up: loads of sweetness in a perfect all-day drinking cup. As drip or espresso you’ll taste simple syrup and honey in a creamy body with a rounded acidity like perfectly ripe black cherry.

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