Ethiopia Abera Gole



Single farmer estate
Ethiopian heirloom landraces
Oct. – Dec. 2020


Aromatic notes of passion fruit, jasmine, lemongrass, and jammy berry in a fruit-forward, truly delicious cup. One of the cleanest natural processed coffees we’ve tasted in years. This coffee shines in any preparation, but we recommend a dialed-in single cup brew using a conical drip brewer like a V60, or a longer specialty-style single origin espresso.


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Origin: Abera Gole estate, Yirgacheffe area, Gedeo, SNNPR, Ethiopia

Single-farmer Ethiopian lots are always a treasure for us, highlighting the terroir and flavors from a very small microregion of the country. This lot comes from an identified (more or less) as Yirgacheffe on maps, and displays some of the same ripe fruit and floral flavor, with some extra-special notes of jammy berry from the clean natural processing. We taste passion fruit, lemongrass, and jammy berry in an extremely aromatic cup.

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