Ethiopia Chelelektu



 About 650 farmers local to Chelelektu wet mill
Ethiopian heirloom landraces
Oct. – Dec. 2020


Aromatic, room-filling notes of raspberries, apricot, and tangerine. This is as light of a roast as we go at Compelling, so we suggest this coffee is served as a dialed-in single cup filter brew, or a longer-style specialty espresso shot. Chelelektu’s coffee never disappoints!


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Origin: About 650 farmers local to Chelelektu wet mill, Kochere, Gedeo zone, Ethiopia

Ethiopia has a reputation for producing some of the most consistently delicious coffees in the specialty world and beyond. We tend to gravitate towards specific microregions and mills that’ve produced our favorite cups year after year: Hambela, Yirgacheffe, and Chelelektu are names you might see every year. This year’s harvest has the same stone fruit flavors we love, along with raspberry juice and tangerine in a crisp cup.

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