Ethiopia Kolla Bulcha



 267-member Cooperative
Ethiopian heirloom landraces
Oct. – Dec. 2020


Big floral flavors of honey and vanilla, with acidity that reminds us of blackberry jam and cooked citrus. This coffee tastes best as a dialed-in single cup filter brew or longer specialty style espresso.


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Origin: 267 farmers from the Kolla Bulcha Cooperative, Gera, Jimma, Oromia, Ethiopia

Kolla Bulcha is a new purchase origin for us, and judging by what we’re tasting, this won’t be the last time we seek their coffee out. The Cooperative utilizes a Penagos pulper and de-mucilager for producing their washed coffee; in this method ripe cherries are pulped and immediately go through the de-mucilaging chamber on the Penagos, which pushes the coffee across a metal grate that removes all but a tiny amount of the mucilage coating. After this step, the coffee is soaked overnight in clean water to dissolve any remaining mucilage and improve cup quality. After soaking, the coffee is dried on raised beds for 9-14 days, depending on weather. We find floral notes of vanilla and honey in the cup and aromatics, with cooked citrus and a blackberry jam finish.

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