Guatemala Bella Carmona



Bourbon, Caturra
Oct. ’20 – Feb. ’21


Big sweetness is the name of the game with Bella Carmona. Expect a crisp acidity that reminds us of Fuji apple, followed by brownie batter richness, and a long, brown sugary finish. This coffee is especially delicious as a dialed-in batch brew, but performs just as well as a single origin espresso with or without milk, or in a single cup brewer like the Clever.


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Origin: Luis Zeleya, Antigua, Sacatepéquez, Guatemala

We’ve been buying from Luis Zelaya and his associated farms for just about as long as we’ve been buying coffee. He’s one of the most quality focused producers we’ve ever met, consistently bringing us some of the sweetest and most flavor-rich coffees from Guatemala year after year. This lot of “Bella Carmona” is an incredibly tasty representation of Antigua coffees: a gorgeous malic acidity that reminds us of fresh-pressed apple cider, with ribbons of brown sugar, and a chocolatey sweet brownie batter finish. This one is great for seasoned specialty coffee drinkers and those who prefer a more classic cup alike.


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