Guatemala Joyabaj



Bourbon, Caturra
Early ’21


A sweet, juicy, and “complete” cup, with sweetness, acidity, and overall balance. Expect jammy notes of peach and strawberry, with a sweet, rich finish of milk chocolate and caramel. An especially great choice for your batch brewer or pourover brewer.


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Origin: Indigenous small landholders local to Joyabaj wet mill, Quiche Department, Guatemala

This coffee is the fruit of a new community-oriented project in Quiche, Guatemala by the Federación Comercializadora de Café Especial de Guatemala group. The group opened a wet mill in January 2021, processing about 2,400 bags of exportable green coffee from this year’s harvest. Cherry is separated by density using a siphon machine and then depulped and fermented in concrete tanks overnight. Once fermentation is complete the gooey parchment is washed clean and transported to mechanical drum dryers where it is slowly rotated and dried in a carefully managed environment of 113-140 degrees Fahrenheit. The long-term goal of the project is not only producing top-quality coffee for export, but also promoting farm sustainability, organic certification, entrepreneurship training for women, and community nurseries to rejuvenate coffee canopies. The coffee is unbelievably tasty, especially for a first export: we taste jammy peach and strawberry, with a finish that reminds us of chocolate-caramel candy bar filling.


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