Honduras El Naranjo

Grape, Apricot, Molasses


Single Farmer
Lempira, Parainema
Feb. –  Mar. ’19


Complex fruit notes in a rounded, accessible cup. We enjoy this coffee brewed as batch brew or espresso with milk. It shines especially in a cappuccino!

Grape, Apricot, Molasses
Size 12oz 4-pack of 12oz retail bags 5lb bag
Coffee Grind
Whole Bean Whole Bean Percolator / Cold Brew French Press Kalita V60 Espresso
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Origin: Finca El Naranjo, Intibucá, San Juan, Honduras

Jose Gabriel Mayorga’s farm, El Naranjo, grows exclusively specialty grade coffee in mountainous western Honduras. Modern techniques are utilized at every step in the process: selection of higher-quality varieties, harvesting of ripe cherry, and fermentation controls based on temperature and moisture content before green coffee is bagged and selected for export.

This lot of Parainema and Lempira has a rounded, rich acidity that reminds us of wine grapes, over a base of syrupy orange, apricot jam, and molasses.