Honduras Joaquín Nolasco


A delicious, almost Yirgacheffe-like, cup from one of our favorite coffee-producing microregions in Central America. Joaquín grows specialty varietals on his farm, Finca El Bendición, and employs meticulous processing to produce exceptionally clean, sweet, vibrant coffee. This microlot reminds us of lemon custard, caramel, and dark chocolate.

An extremely sweet, aromatic cup, with accents of lemon custard, slight stone fruit and florals, and a rich caramel foundation. We prefer this one as a filtered batch brew or single origin espresso.

Origin: Finca La Bendición, El Cerrón, Marcala, La Paz Department, Honduras

Traceable to Single farm
Purchase price $4.15/lb
Varieties Lempira, Parainema
Harvested Early '21


Order by this Sunday midnight (PST), roasted and shipped within 48 hours after.


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