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Java Naringul


A deeper roasted coffee, perfect for single origin espresso in the cafe or at home. This strikingly sweet Indonesian coffee is the result of a quality-focused processing at a private wet mill; wet-processed and table-dried coffees such as this are usually found in highland Central America or East Africa, and destined exclusively for specialty roasters. The terroir asserts itself in the cup with a round red fruit acidity, and a brown sugar foundation: think more of a darker red fruit punch. Try this through your favorite immersion brewer as well.

Origin: Collected from smallholders local to Tenjolaya Ciwidey town, Naringgul Balegede subdistrict, Java, Indoensia

Traceable to 54 smallholder farms
Purchase price $4.72/lb
Varieties Arusha, Bourbon, Typica
Harvested Spring '23

Order by this Sunday or Wednesday midnight (PST), coffee roasted and shipped within 48 hours after.

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1 review for Java Naringul

  1. Ddavidsson

    Due to being an Indonesian coffee I was expecting it to be a little more funky and herbal, but it was surprisingly clean and fruit-forward. This makes a great espresso roast, with the candied nut flavor very apparent in a macchiato through my Gaggia espresso machine at home.

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