Mexico Bella Vista



38 small farms
Caturra, Bourbon, Catimor
Winter ’20


A rich all-day drinking coffee with remarkable depth of flavor and long-lasting sweetness. Round acidity like raspberry and cooked plum over a syrupy foundation of cola. Try this coffee as batch brew, immersion brew, or espresso with milk!

Size 12oz 5lb bag
Coffee Grind
Whole Bean Whole Bean Percolator / Cold Brew French Press Kalita V60 Espresso
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Origin: 38 small farms across Bella Vista municipality, Chiapas, Mexico

This is the third coffee selection we’ve ever carried from Mexico, and we absolutely love it. The lot is exported from Mexico in one step by Rosalba Cifuentes, who ensures that farmers are not only getting paid a fair price for their crops, but works locally to make sure all coffee is being harvested and processed according to best specialty practices. This makes for a final coffee that rivals local Guatemalan microlots for cleanliness, sweetness and vibrancy. Expect a round cup profile of raspberry, plum jam, and cola with a rich depth of flavor.

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