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Mexico La Concordia


Specialty coffees from Mexico seem to make sizable leaps in quality every harvest, once being seen in some circles as a budget alternative to guatemalan coffee, they now stand fully on their own. This lot from CAFECO Cooperative in Southern Chiapas has the same deep bourbon-like sweetness we’ve come to expect from our typical selections from the terroir, light florality like vanilla, and a rounded acidity that reminds us of lemon-lime soda. Especially delicious as a batch brew, but makes a standout espresso with 2 – 6oz of steamed milk.

Origin: CAFECO Cooperative, San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala

Traceable to Estate
Purchase price $4.78/lb
Varieties Bourbon, Typica
Harvested Oct. '21 - Mar. '22

Order by this Sunday or Wednesday midnight (PST), coffee roasted and shipped within 48 hours after.

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1 review for Mexico La Concordia

  1. alexjonesdesigns

    Very tasty as a V60 pourover, strawberry juice and a light herbal tea flavor are apparent.

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