Papua New Guinea Bena


Catuai, Caturra, Colombia
Winter ’20


Expect a candied, round cup with flavors of maple syrup at the base, with highlights of sweet citrus and currant. This is an extremely accessible coffee, great brewed as French press, batch brew, and single origin espresso with or without milk.


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Origin: Bena Coffee Estate & some small neighboring producer outturns, Unggai Bena District, Eastern Highlands, Papua New Guinea

The end of the calendar year always yields some of our favorite wet-processed coffees from Indonesia, including fresh selections from one of our sleeper favorite origins, Papua New Guinea. The country’s seed stock hasn’t been too heavily influenced by hybridization, leading to sweeter and more flavorful coffees from quality-focused farms like the Bena Estate. Expect a candied cup with nuances of sweet citrus, maple, and currant.

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