Peru El Palto Honey



Typica, Pache, Caturra, and Bourbon
Aug. – Nov. ’19


White wine and citric flavors meet slight stone fruit in a rich, sweet cup. We think this coffee tastes best as drip, but makes a great specialty-style longer espresso as well!

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Origin: 189 members of El Palto Cooperative, Utcubamba province, Amazonas, Peru

This is what we’re affectionately calling a wine-drinker’s coffee: citric, fruit-forward, and refreshing, with a slightly drying winey tang on the finish. El Palto produces specialty grade and conventional coffee high in the Andes mountain region of Peru, with each member bringing freshly harvested coffee cherry to a quality-focused processing mill. This lot was uniquely honey-processed, which we don’t see that often in the region owing to how difficult it is to produce a clean, high-scoring coffee. The fruit of the coffee cherry was partially removed prior to wet fermentation, adding some extra fruit, complexity, and brightness to the cup. Expect flavors like white wine, yellow citrus, and apricot in a honeyed cup.


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