Peru Manuel Aldaz

Cherry, Black tea, Brown sugar


Catimor, Caturra
Jul. –  Sept. ’19


This coffee reminds us of cherry jam mixed with black tea and candied grapefruit zest, over a plush brown sugar body. We enjoy soft, smooth coffees like this best as a batch brew, single origin espresso, or small espresso and milk drink.

Cherry, Black tea, Brown sugar
Size 12oz 4-pack of 12oz retail bags 5lb bag
Coffee Grind
Whole Bean Whole Bean Percolator / Cold Brew French Press Kalita V60 Espresso
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Origin: Members of the Aprocanorsi Cooperative, Campana, Cajamarca, Peru

This coffee was purchased in partnership with Red Fox Coffee Merchants, an importer with year-round presence in Peru, who’ve consistently brought us our favorite coffees from the origin. Manuel Aldaz is a specialty coffee professional in the area who cups coffees and builds export-sized lots from smaller producers based on flavor and quality. This collection of coffees from the Aprocanorsi Cooperative is super sweet, plush, and smooth: expect jammy cherry, grapefruit zest, black tea, and brown sugar in the cup.