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Rwanda Dukunde Kawa


We source coffee from Dukunde Kawa almost every year! The cooperative has a reputation for extremely high-quality, sweet, and articulate coffees, placing in the Rwandan Cup of Excellence contest multiple times over the past decade.

Processing of ripe coffee cherry is as good as it gets: a first cherry sorting by the farmers themselves upon delivery, and then floated in a large receiving bay to identify and remove floaters (low-density cherry which is processed separately). Cherry is then depulped and the fresh parchment is graded immediately by flotation in a short channel. Fermentation usually lasts 18 hours and is completed without water. Once the dry fermentation is complete the parchment is soaked in fresh water between 18-24 hours to halt fermentation and the stabilize moisture content of the batch. After the soak the parchment is washed once again, this time in grading channels—long shallow concrete channels with water flowing through—which allows the parchment to naturally separate by density. From here, each separate density grade is moved to pre-drying tables to be hand-sorted for imperfections and gently dried to the touch. After the hand-sort is complete, the parchment is then moved to fully-exposed drying tables to finish drying, a process that takes between 14-21 days depending on the climate.

All this work (and some expert roasting) makes for an especially tasty coffee: ripe apricot, maple syrup, and buzzy honeysuckle floral notes in aromatics and cup. This cup especially sings as a dialed-in pourover, but is equally tasty brewed as an espresso with about 2oz of milk.

Origin: 226 farmers local to Nkara Washing Station, Dukunde Kawa Cooperative, Gakenke District, Rwanda

Traceable to Washing station
Purchase price $4.23/lb
Varieties Kent, Bourbon
Harvested Summer-Fall 2021

Order by this Sunday or Wednesday midnight (PST), coffee roasted and shipped within 48 hours after.

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  1. singleoriginsmalts

    Classic and vibrant profile. Tasted cranberry and lemon in this but no brown butter. I would order this again 🙂

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