Rwanda Nyarusiza


Wet mill
Red Bourbon
Late-Summer/Fall ’20


Jammy acidity that reminds us of of orange marmalade and Philippine mango, with a finish of dried strawberry and black tea. This is such a special coffee, delicious brewed through a filter as a pourover or batch brew, and as a small milk drink (cappuccinos and macchiatos!)


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Origin: Farmers local to Nyarusiza washing station, Ginkongoro prefecture, Rwanda

A really beautiful, jammy coffee! Rwandan coffees can be so flavor forward and assertive, and this lot from Nyarusiza station is no exception. 100% Red Bourbon varietal cherry, grown at some of the highest elevations in the country, immaculately sorted and wet-processed with two separate ferments in clean spring water: these are all key ingredients to make one of the tastiest, sweetest coffees we’ve tasted in years. Nothing else to say but “Enjoy!”

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