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Rwanda Nyarusiza


Rwandan coffees tend to be some of our favorites to recommend as a single origin espresso, especially for those looking for something a little more jammy and fruit-forward.  This selection is roasted specifically for that application – focusing on drawing out the sweetness of the Bourbon variety, and rounding the acidity and mouthfeel. Expect juicy notes of pomegranate and Damson plum, with a milk chocolate foundation. Best as espresso, or a darker filter brew.

Origin: Approximately 1900 small landholders local to Buf Cafe washing station, Nyamagabe District, Southern Province, Rwanda

Traceable to Washing station
Purchase price $3.98/lb
Varieties Red Bourbon
Harvested Winter '22

Order by this Sunday or Wednesday midnight (PST), coffee roasted and shipped within 48 hours after.

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1 review for Rwanda Nyarusiza

  1. Ddavidsson

    Due to being an Indonesian coffee I was expecting it to be a little more funky and herbal, but it was surprisingly clean and fruit-forward. This makes a great espresso roast, with the candied nut flavor very apparent in a macchiato through my Gaggia espresso machine at home.

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