Sulawesi Toarco Jaya


144 wild land farmers
Jember, S795
Apr. – Jun. ’19


Rounded tropical fruit highlights in a deeply sweet cup that reminds us of milk chocolate and cinnamon. This makes such a delicious single origin espresso with or without milk, but try it as a dialed-in single cup brew too!

Size 12oz 5lb bag
Coffee Grind
Whole Bean Whole Bean Percolator / Cold Brew French Press Kalita V60 Espresso
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Origin: Wild land farmers local to Pedamaran Farm & PT Toarco Jaya, Bokin, Rantebua, North Toraja Regency, South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Continuing our tradition of sourcing sparkling clean, super sweet washed coffees from Indonesia, coffee from PT Toarco Jaya returns to our menu. This specialty grade microlot is one of the highest-scoring coffees we’ve carried from all of Indonesia. While most of the region produces the traditional wet-hulled coffee, contributing to off-flavors like bell pepper and herbs, the farm specially processes top-grade cherry with a more modern washing technique that can highlight the terroir notes and sweetness. In the cup we’re tasting nuances of tropical fruits like papaya and cooked banana, over a base of chocolate and slight cinnamon.

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