Sumatra Kerinci


This is maybe the cleanest Sumatran coffee we’ve tasted in years, with big sweetness and a round acidity that reminds us of watermelon hard candy. The cleanliness and rich flavor is owed to a detail-focused honey processing, done on African-style raised beds.

A deeply sweet, dense, and complex cup. This special Sumatran coffee displays clean sweetness and fruit flavors, and we find it accessible to both specialty drinkers and those used to a more classic cup. Great as a dialed-in filter brew, French press, or even single origin espresso with milk.

Origin: Koperasi ALKO Cooperative, Mount Kerinci, West Sumatra and Jambi Provinces, Sumatra, Indonesia

Traceable to Cooperative
Purchase price $4.10/lb
Varieties Andung Sari
Harvested Summer '21

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