Uganda Bugisu


We’re so lucky to carry this special coffee from Uganda! Collecting, processing, and exporting these coffees is exceptionally difficult due to most cherry being grown and harvested on numerous rural farms of about half an acre, then transported to a central collection facility. A large, specialty-focused exporter (Kawacom) ensures these coffees are processed according to exacting standards, and stored to ensure quality is maintained. All of this work pays off with this complex, bright selection; we taste passionfruit, ripe red berry, and chocolate in an aromatic cup. Best served through a filter brewer to highlight the acidity, but makes a great drip coffee (or brighter, specialty-style espresso) however its prepared.

Origin: Smallholders across the western slope of Mt. Elgon, Sipi, Kapchorwa District, Uganda

Traceable to Smallholders
Purchase price $3.43/lb
Varieties Bourbon, SL14, SL28, Blue Mountain
Harvested Fall '23

Order by this Sunday or Wednesday midnight (PST), coffee roasted and shipped within 48 hours after.

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