We’re a Good Food Awards Finalist!

We’re excited and humbled to be a 2018 Good Food Awards finalist for our presentation of coffee from the 400-member Banko Gotiti Cooperative in Gedeb, Gedeo, Ethiopia.

The Good Food Awards is a nationally recognized committee that annually celebrates exceptional, sustainably sourced products in 15 different categories – one of which is coffee. To submit a coffee, the origin must be certified by one of a few bodies that investigate sustainable practices in farming – Banko Gotiti has been Organic-certified by the USDA.

Over 2,000 entries came in this year, the top 10% of which were selected as high-scorers. The best of those top-10% were selected as finalists for their region – we’re honored to have our presentation of Banko Gotiti’s coffee as a finalist for the US Southwest!

For more on the Good Food Awards: GoodFoodAwards.org