Frequently Asked Questions

How do you ship my order?
Compelling Coffee ships our coffees, teas, and related brewing equipment and accessories domestically using the United States Postal Service. We may use FedEx or UPS services when an advantage to our customers in terms of shipping price and/or time presents itself. For international shipping, we primarily use FedEx services. FedEx reserves the right to contract with USPS for the “final mile” or many shipments.

We endeavor to get fresh-roasted coffee to you within the shortest-possible window, but we do not have control over our shipping partners’ speed. We roast coffee for retail purchase Mondays and occasionally mid-week, and will always ship within 24-hours of roasting. Please note that extremely fresh coffee (under 3-days for filter brewing and under 7-days for espresso brewing) will not extract ideally. If you are a wholesale partner, please arrange your ordering schedule to account for coffee freshness as well as potential shipping delays. (We generally recommend you always have 10-days of espresso on hand!)

What is “Drip” coffee? What is “Espresso” coffee?
We generally roast our White Box coffees that we think taste best brewed as Drip coffee – also called filter coffee, or a long black – at a slightly lighter level than some may find traditional. These coffees are bright, nuanced, and present a vibrant acidity, so you may want to use a brewing device that will honor that; although, they will make a great specialty style espresso with a longer shot. We recommend these coffees be drunk black.

Our Grey Box coffees are roasted with a little more development in the roasting process. These coffees are rounded, rich, and present a less-vibrant acidity and highlight sweetness. You may want to use a brewing device that will honor that: French press or espresso machine is recommended, but try them anyway and you’ll get a great cup black or with milk/sugar.

Where can I find one of your Wholesale Partners?
Compelling is based in the Los Angeles area, but we work with service partners nationwide. Shoot us a message HERE and we’ll see if we can help you find a partner near you!

How can I compose my coffee and tea?
Our boxes are made of paper and our inner-liner bags use Biotre material. Both can be placed in your home composting bin or recycling receptacle; although the one-way valve is currently plastic, and should be cut off and placed with regular trash.

I have feedback about my order
If you loved your coffee and tea order (and we hope you did), we’d love to hear your review! You can either leave a review on the product page of the coffee you ordered, or through one of our social accounts (linked below), or message us directly.

If you are dissatisfied for any reason, please contact us at [email protected]. Provide your order number, the name used on the order, which shipments you were dissatisfied with, and as much of an explanation as you would like to provide. In most cases, we will issue a refund to the card you purchased your order with, once the product has been returned. We unfortunately do not provide refunds based on personal taste. If brewing equipment/accessories have been used, it is at our discretion to refuse a refund, or a partial refund in credit.

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