Shipping & Returns

Compelling Coffee ships our coffees, teas, and related brewing equipment and accessories domestically using the United States Postal Service. We may use FedEx or UPS services when an advantage to our customers in terms of shipping price and/or time presents itself. For international shipping, we primarily use FedEx services. FedEx reserves the right to contract with USPS for the “final mile” or many shipments.

We endeavor to get fresh-roasted coffee to you within the shortest-possible window, but we do not have control over our shipping partners’ speed. We roast coffee for retail purchase Mondays and occasionally mid-week, and will always ship within 24-hours of roasting. Please note that extremely fresh coffee (under 3-days for filter brewing and under 7-days for espresso brewing) will not extract ideally. If you are a wholesale partner, please arrange your ordering schedule to account for coffee freshness as well as potential shipping delays.

If you are dissatisfied with a purchase for any reason, please contact us at [email protected] Please provide your order number, the name used on the order, which shipments you were dissatisfied with, and as much of an explanation as you would like to provide. In most cases, we will issue a refund to the card you purchased your order with, once the product has been returned. We unfortunately do not provide refunds based on personal taste. If brewing equipment/accessories have been used, it is at our discretion to refuse a refund, or a partial refund in credit.

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